Ataula PFA Party!

Ataula PFA Party!


Here are two blogs that do a great job of describing and showcasing our fantastic PFA with Eater PDX’s Chef of the Year for 2013, Jose Chesa at Atuala. This was a fun party for all—even the folks at Ataula.

First from Sara and Salt.Water.Coffee. I think Sara is one of the best food bloggers in Portland, and I’m glad she came. Plus, she’s always a spark wherever she is.


And then from Wendy Bumgardner and her new blog, LocavOregon. Wendy is unequivocally the most prolific and loyal of Portland Food Adventurers! She has been coming since our first event at Nostrana in 2010! Thank you Wendy for helping to make PFA what it is. I am so glad you enjoy meeting all the new folks you’ve met. It’s one of the pleasant discoveries along the way doing PFAs! And you are welcome to ask Wendy which of the 35 or so PFAs were her favorites. I know I have a tough time with that question.


Thanks to all who came. And thanks to these folks at the places Chef Jose wanted everyone to try, whose gift certificates will enable our wonderful guests to keep the adventure going long after we had those incredible Xuixos de Cremas!


Thanks also to the staff at Ataula—Chef Jose Chesa, Angel Teta, and Emily Metivier, and everyone else at that super warm and friendly restaurant, all of whom went above and beyond to make this such a special night in PFA land.



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