Autentica PFA: Bursting with Flavor

Autentica PFA: Bursting with Flavor

Portland Food Adventures kicked off mid-May at the warm and inviting Autentica, a gourmet Mexican restaurant right off Northeast Killingsworth. Headed by Chef Oswaldo Bibiano, we were treated to a seven-course menu full of bold and bright flavors, and paired beautifully with both wines and Mezcal cocktails.



We were started out with a Romaine salad featuring Panela cheese and a pumpkin seed vinaigrette, as well as a few different appetizers and mixed cocktails.


Our host, Chris Angelus, came out to introduce Chef Bibiano and introduce us to the menu we’d be enjoying for the evening.


They were even generous enough to give us an amazing tostada as a bonus course, not on the menu! It was made by Mi Mero Mole’s Nick Zukin, who, after arriving back in the USA the night before after two weeks overseas, managed to make one of many people’s favorites of the evening.  The soft asparagus was balanced out by a squash blossom cream sauce.  Devine!  IMG_20150521_231524It was certainly one of my favorites of the evening.


A very cool quirk of Autentica is the kitchen is right in the dining room with us, giving everyone an opportunity to watch them grill up our dishes and snap a few pics.




Next up was the cevice de cayo, with lime juice, black pepper, mint oil and house made crackers. Pictured here with the tepache pineapple infused mezcal from our next course.


Following up we had the Camaron with bone marrow garlic and Thai chiles, one of my favorite dishes of the evening!  (Note from Chris:  This was the best shrimp I’ve ever had, and I love shrimp!  Surely one of my favorite dishes of 2015.)




Coming up next we had a lengua apozonque (beef tongue) with a rice dumpling and escaveche, paired with a Wahaka Mezcal.


Following up was the Oxtail, which was cooked absolutely perfect, soft and tender and full of flavor with epazote and potato cakes as a side. This was paired with a rich Chilean Carmenere wine.



Our final main dish was a Relleno chile filled with braised duck, huitlacoche, and spicy bean sauce, paired with an Argentinean Malbec.





Our dessert course was a Postre, pepita tres leches ice cream with fresh cherries and piloncillo sauce.



Finally Chef Bibiano came out to talk a little bit about our gift certificates we received, which includes Mi Mero Mole (one of my personal favorite spots around Portland), Acadia, Uno Mas and Nonna.


All in all it was a fantastic evening full of delicious food and drink, great company and conversation, and a lovely ambiance! Thank you to Chef Oswaldo Bibiano and the whole staff of Autentica for making a truly memorable evening.

Until next time! Keep an eye out for Clyde Common on June 25th, and even Barcelona this September!

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