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Table for 4.5 at Tasty & Sons

Day two of Jim, Birgess, and Sloan Zazie’s (you’ll see why I included her middle name here in a moment) visit to Portland. Lots of great choices for brunch, of course, but we opted for a misty 8:45am arrival at Tasty & Sons. There was a short line, but by 9:00 it was clear to see why you need to

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Country Cat for an Iron Chef Brunch

My cousin Jim and his posse, which consists presently of his dear wife Birgess and the sweetest and roundest two month-old ball of love, Sloan Zazie (which is the name of the breakfast joint around the corner from them in SF) came up for a visit this past weekend. Of course, we made it into a VIP

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Mt. Hood Loop

We took a spur of the moment day trip yesterday, leaving at about 1, and getting home at 7.

Timothy Lake, just south of Mt. Hood, Mt. Hood Meadows, which still has a weekend or two left of snow, and then lunch in Hood River at the River House. We ordered off the bar menu–one of the best chicken

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Meat Cheese Bread

On Stark. This is the rather delicious and abundant egg salad w/ bacon on a homemade croissant. This wasn’t your supermarket’s basic croissant. And this is definitely larger than it appears in this shot.

Kind of a funky place. What you’d expect in SE. Good vibe.

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Eat Mobile, Portland 4/24/10

Last week I jumped on a couple of wristbands online and I’m glad I did, because EatMobile ’10 was sold out a few days in advance. As advertised, 30 carts for seven bucks. Not only a cheap night out for dinner, but a nice way to sample some of Portland’s more promotionally-minded food carts. A

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You have to start somewhere.

I’ve been eating my way around Portland for five years now.  I haven’t written about it much, and I should have.  Yes, I’ve contributed an occasional review on Portland Food and Drink and more recently, Yelp, but usually those were triggered by less than wonderful experiences.  In many cases, I’ve

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